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Fire Pit Table

A fun project designed in SolidWorks, the detailed plans for this Fire Pit Table are available for free download (PDF format).  If you have access to a metal fabrication shop, you can get this made.  The tricky parts for most people is that there’s sheet metal that needs to be cut and bent, and a few tubes that are cut on a tube laser.  If you can make compound miter cuts, then use a saw.  If you’re going to make this for yourself and need CAD files for lasers (tube or plate laser), let me know.

Fire Pit Table Rendering, Design by Kris Bunda, SolidWorks 2009, Created 2011

Fire Pit Table Rendering

Firepit Table Fabrication Instructions Drawing

Firepit Table Fabrication Instructions Drawing

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2 Responses to Steel Fire Pit Table Design + Drawing Download

  1. expansion tanks says:

    Beautiful fire pit.

  2. Mike says:

    If possible I  would like the cad files for laser. Please send to XXXXXXXX


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