Hole.io – is 100% Possible? Watch me play the Pirate Islands World

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I’m addicted to hole.io.

I have a Google Pixel phone, so I have the Android version of the app, which I gather is different than the iOS vsn, as my kids said their friend with an iPhone had what I call “the pirate islands world” months ago. It just came to my app during an update a week ago. And unfortunately, in the process Voodoo Games screwed up what I’m now calling “cityscape;” the original (and formerly only) world. It’s now all jittery and lags to the point of un-playability. Now when that world comes up, I immediately close the app and restart it until it goes to the pirate islands world again (since it’s random and you can’t choose which one to play).

The Most Satisfying Game Ever

Anyway, there’s something about this game that I’m addicted to–apparently I like “Process-Oriented Completionist” games. I just made that genre up…I think…I’ve heard gamers on podcasts rattle off crazy game types descriptions, so maybe it’s a real thing.

Saying that ‘genre’ reminds me of those “Most Satisfying Video Ever” movies that are collections of factory automation porn, touching/cutting/peeling/extruding/scraping/filling/melting weird materials, and time-lapse video. I don’t like the medical ones, where people remove stitches or pop whitehead zits, because gross–and therefore definitely not ‘The Most Satisfying Videos Ever’. But since the former are something people watch, maybe you’ll like seeing these recordings of me playing hole.io.

Watch me play hole.io

Is 100% really possible?

I saw a video of someone getting 100%, but it seemed edited. I’ve gotten 99.67% on the islands, and around that on city, but no higher. Can it be done? Does it seem like you might get 1/2 a percent for swallowing a huge building at the 1-minute mark, but then at 2 seconds left on the clock, you might get a quarter percent for swallowing a car? It can seem arbitrary is all I’m saying.

hole.io high score Screenshot_20181121-202947
hole.io high score Screenshot_20181121-202947
Updated high score--not quite 100%. Is it possible?
Updated high score 99.86%–not quite 100%. Is it possible?

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