Let’s talk about your digital product ideas.

Things I’m good at helping you with:

Website/App Design and Development

Have your branding shown in an attractive light, associated with intuitive user experiences and tested functionality. Get smart, targeted SEO practices baked in. Give clients a low-friction path to your product.

Branding Aesthetics & Graphics

Developing your logo, color scheme, and then iterating icons and art that elaborates a theme, weaving throughout other digital marketing properties, reinforcing your brand.

Design System Work

In addition to developing your branding language and art files, I’m good at saving those images and icons into file systems that become a coherent reference for future marketing and digital products.

Reuse, Don’t Copy

Copy Turns Ugly: Animation of copy of a copy of a copy that degrades from a paper with "COPY" written on it to a paper with "UGLY" written on it.
Copy Turns Ugly

This means you won’t have to reinvent as many wheels nor track down copies-of-copies of a branded image that has degraded to unprofessional quality.

3D CAD Modeling & Renders

I can take your 3D files (or make original models) and compose photorealistic images from them. Then you won’t have to produce a photoshoot to make visuals to sell products.

Animation / Motion Graphics

I can take those same 3D models and create POV architectural walkthroughs or animated assembly explosions to present your vision in sales and exhibition videos.

I also make more conceptual, illustrative animations–like looped GIFs that demonstrate how a process works.

And sometimes we just want to share a little cartoon, for fun.


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