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About The Author

Kris Bunda

I'm a 3D CAD Professional, Web Designer, and Graphic Artist

Why ‘Designer Rants’?

This blog is titled Designer Rants because I want to showcase some of the stuff I’ve designed or helped design, but also rant and go off on tangents when the mood strikes.

Look out! He’s got a Pun!

In case I’m the only one who thought it was funny, “Designer Rants” is supposed to be a play on words for the phrase “designer pants”.

I enjoy designing:

  • 3D CAD models (from machines to decorative pieces), prints, renderings, and other supporting documentation;
  • Graphics (infographics, diagrams, technical drawings);
  • Web sites and small business online marketing/SEO implementations (although I do this less nowadays due to narrowed time constraints and interest);

Solid State Design: No Moving Parts

If you’re wondering why almost every design posted on here isn’t very (mechanically) complicated, it’s because most of the time that I’ve created a machine subassembly, I consider it the intellectual property of an employer. In fact, a lot of the projects I’d most like to brag about are one of a kind R&D builds, or part of proprietary machine configurations. So it’s mostly just custom decorative vanity projects that make it on here when it comes to 3D CAD.


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  1. NJ says:

    Amazing site..amazing talent..beautiful family..nothing but the best to you if your venture!

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