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Hi, I’m Kris.

Check out my portfolio and if you like some of it, contact me about freelance or contract remote work.

View Portfolio.


If you need a web designer / developer to update your site, work on your app, or customize your WordPress installation.

Or, if you need some motion graphics, company branding, design system components, 3D imagery and modeling …well, I do that stuff too.

Or, if you saw something else I worked on, please tell me about it.

I like working on visually creative and technical projects

So if you want to get a hold of me to make sure I’m:

1.) not a robot,


2.) see if I fit with your team,

then just call, email, or even tweet a DM @KrisBunda3D .

I enjoy designing:

  • Web & App Design & Development

    • websites & small business online marketing implementations
      • (incl. baking in SEO and accessibility practices),
    • Site/App prototyping;
    • HTML, CSS, JS, ASP.NET Core,
    • C#, PHP, Java. 
  • 3D CAD

    • models (machine assemblies, weldments, decorative pieces, building/construction modules),
    • drawings and supporting documentation (ASY/installation, fab/weld, machining instructions),
    • BOMs (product data entry & curation)
    • renderings (photorealistic or stylized imagery & animation for product presentation);
  • Graphics

    • logos,
    • infographics,
    • pictorials, diagrams, technical illustrations,
    • branding language and style (colors, fonts, sizing of elements),
    • photo editing (“Photoshop-ing”),
    • UI & wayfinding themes (pictograms, ideograms, maps, navigation);
  • Technical Writing

    • illustrated tech publications,
    • instructionals and SOPs (minimal-but-empathetic documentation);

See Something You Like?

Want to know if I can make your custom design? Call or email and I’ll let you know.

kris <@> krisbunda.com


Or this contact form is a good first step:

  1. NJ
    | Reply

    Amazing site..amazing talent..beautiful family..nothing but the best to you if your venture!

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