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Why ‘Designer Rants’?

This blog is titled Designer Rants to showcase some designs I’ve worked, but also post opinions (rants) on tangential topics. You’re welcome.

I enjoy designing:

  • 3D CAD

    • models (machine assemblies, weldments, decorative pieces),
    • mechanical drawings (and other supporting documentation),
    • BOMs (product data entry & curation),
    • renderings (photorealistic images for your product presentation);
  • Graphics

    • logos,
    • infographics,
    • pictorials, diagrams, technical illustrations;
  • Technical Writing

    • illustrated tech publications;
  • Web Design

    • websites & small business online marketing/SEO implementations

See Something You Like?

Want to know if I can make your custom design? Call or email and I’ll let you know.


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  1. NJ
    | Reply

    Amazing site..amazing talent..beautiful family..nothing but the best to you if your venture!

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