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Hi, I’m Kris, a UI/UX Designer & Web Developer.

I like working on visually creative and technical projects. I enhance marketing effectiveness for those I make digital products for by learning about their product and customer, understanding funnels, the user experience, and how to communicate a brand and its value proposition (or reduce friction to connect users to their objectives faster).

I then program these designs into websites and applications — often using front-end technologies with the broadest compatibility across browsers and devices to preserve functionality and brand value-perception. (We do not want your brand associated with broken products or poorly-realized services).

Check out my portfolio:

See an interesting item? Explain how we might revision it for your brand:

Contact me if:

You need a web designer / developer to update your site, work on your app, or customize your WordPress installation.

Or, if you need motion graphics, company branding, design system components, 3D imagery and modeling …well, I can do that too.

Or, you saw something else I worked on, and have questions.


If you’re looking for a person to do these things, with an eye toward improving your communication with users, customers, and the public, get in touch.

Specific work I do:

Web & App Design & Development

  • Websites & small business online marketing implementations;
    • incl. baking in SEO, Lighthouse performance, and accessibility practices–because if Google can’t find you (or doesn’t like your site), it’s like you don’t exist.
  • Site/App UI/UX (wireframing, site mapping, wayfinding/navigation, prototyping),
  • HTML, CSS, JS, ASP.NET Core,
  • C#, PHP, Java. 

Graphic Design

  • animation, motion graphics,
  • logos, infographics,
  • pictorials, diagrams, technical illustrations,
  • branding language and style (colors, fonts, sizing of elements),
  • photo editing (“Photoshop-ing”),
  • UI & wayfinding themes (pictograms, icons, maps, navigation).


  • models (machine assemblies, weldments, decorative pieces, building/construction modules),
  • drawings and supporting documentation (ASY/installation, fab/weld, machining instructions),
  • BOMs (product data entry & curation)
  • renderings (photorealistic or stylized imagery & animation for product presentation).

Technical Writing

  • illustrated tech publications,
  • instructionals and SOPs (minimalist-but-empathetic documentation),
  • on-brand copywriting.

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    Amazing site..amazing talent..beautiful family..nothing but the best to you if your venture!