Septic System Graphics & Animation

I designed a website, graphics, flash video, CAD models, content, & more for a local business that provides Septic System services. Want to see?

Steel Fire Pit Table Design + Drawing Download

A fun project designed in SolidWorks, the detailed plans for this Fire Pit Table are available for free download (PDF format). If you have access to a metal fabrication shop, you can get this made.

How to build a Cat House – With Drawings Download

Do cats need houses? Debatable.
Does my wife want her cat to have a house? Yes.
Includes pictures of the 2-Story cozy pet house I designed for our kitty, building tips, and instructional CAD drawings download (PDF). If you’re the least bit handy, you can put one of these together.

SketchUp’s Dynamic Components

I’m a big fan of the Dynamic Components available in SketchUp. This blog showcases the framing (wall studs, floor joists) version of these components.

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