Decorative HVAC Vent Covers – Antique to Modern

A person building a new house while living in an older house asked to have new vent covers designed that are appropriately sized for modern HVAC ducting, but keep the ornate beauty and charm of the cold air return grates from their current home.

Steel Fire Pit Table Design + Drawing Download

A fun project designed in SolidWorks, the detailed plans for this Fire Pit Table are available for free download (PDF format). If you have access to a metal fabrication shop, you can get this made.

How to build a Cat House – With Drawings Download

Do cats need houses? Debatable.
Does my wife want her cat to have a house? Yes.
Includes pictures of the 2-Story cozy pet house I designed for our kitty, building tips, and instructional CAD drawings download (PDF). If you’re the least bit handy, you can put one of these together.

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