True Blood’s Vampire King = American Dad’s Beauregard LaFontaine

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Anyone Else Seeing This?

The wife and I are watching True Blood: Season 3 right now, and here comes a new character; “Your Majesty” as Bill the Vampire calls him. Is it just me, or does the Mississippi Vampire King remind anyone of American Dad’s Beauregard LaFontaine, WOW (Wealthy Obnoxious Weirdo)?

True Blood: Season 3 "Your Majesty" Vampire King - Denis Ohare
True Blood: Season 3 “Your Majesty” Vampire King – Denis Ohare
Beauregard LaFontaine - American Dad Hairdresser and Wealthy, Obnoxious Weirdo
Beauregard LaFontaine – American Dad Hairdresser and Wealthy Obnoxious Weirdo

  1. Girlunamused
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    OMG this makes me so happy that i’m not the only person to have thought this!! ACENESS!!

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