Kids Activities: Holly Makes 2 New ‘Quiet Books’

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2 Books, Assembled & Bound

Unlike previous Quiet Books Holly made, when she sewed the pages into a cloth binding, she tried binder rings on these two. Using the largest rings she could find at the office store, and purchasing a leather punch tool, she was able to hold the large books together functionally.

Buy the Right Tool for the Job

leather punch tool, strong enough to cut through doubled felt pages
Leather punch tool, strong enough to cut through doubled felt pages


Careful, not every punch is up to the task. Holly first bought a Martha Stewart brand punch, thinking it’s usually a good quality bet. It wasn’t (she said it could barely punch the cardboard it was packaged in). Either way, unless you’re a dedicated leather crafter, you probably don’t need an expensive punch for a felt book with double-sided pages, although they’re still formidable enough to require a tool. You can get a decent one for $10-$25.

The Finished Books

Want Holly to make a custom activity book for you?

Email us with your ideas, Holly will get back to you on whether she can do it and how much it will cost. Books start at $25/page.

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