Dry Fertilizer Cart Manifolds & Solidworks Routings for Flexible Tubing

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  Project:  Pneumatically-blown Dry Granule Delivery via Stainless & Flex Tubing Manifolds; 2x Cart-Mounted Tanks & Manifolds, 35 Initial Ports Across Multiple Machine-Fold Points

SolidWorks Hose Routing

Part of a dry fertilizer design project I worked on. I needed to make a series of manifolds to deliver granules from a gooseneck cart to up to 35 row units on a planter. this also involved (probably literally) a ton of stiff plastic tubing with minimum bend radii flowing over pivot points and multiple connection points.

That’s why I actually took the time to model some of the hose routings, because I wanted to make sure of fit-up instead of cutting up a bunch of expensive hose and finding it’s not right.

Product Manifolds that Weren’t…

The “Windy Door Hinge” Manifold

The yellow manifold on the gooseneck wasn’t actually used, I ended up redesigning it later for directional and elevational needs. But I modeled the flanges and how they clamp that manifold to the gooseneck after a type of commercial building door with an articulating arm hinge in the middle of the door, not on the side edge. Because of the forces of the connected tubes push-pulling and torsion-ing on the front and back of the manifold, this seemed like a good way to secure that component of the assembly while reducing the size of the part. In this project, a major constraint was keeping the corridor of hosing as compact as possible.

Door hinge concept shown in the excerpt image from a short-but-sweet mechanical design book by James G. Skakoon; “Elements of Mechanical Design”.

The Goose Neck “Saddle Bags” Quick Disconnect Manifold Idea

Notice The slot and tabbing of the quick disconnect concept pieces. If this concept would’ve been fabricated, it’s important the tolerances stay tight so the pressure stays steady in the system, so I would’ve made the parts self-locating and difficult to assemble incorrectly–gotta love slot and tab!

Quick Disconnect Tower Manifold Idea

Here’s another one that didn’t get approved. I liked the idea of using toggle clamps instead of screws to clamp the interface of the disconnect manifolds, especially since it would be quicker and easier for operators. But I think we ended up doing something else for simplicity’s sake, as we needed to get this system out the door.

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