Fun With Stickers!

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My Daughter has an unfortunate $1/day Sticker Habit. It affects everyone around her, as evidenced by this photo. As with many addicts, she’s become manipulative; as she was applying stickers to my face, she told me “You almost look very beautiful.” This of course made me very self-conscious, willing to do almost anything she wanted to become Truly Beautiful. Before you condemn her, remember: It’s a disease. Not a choice.

I Saw My Son’s First Steps Today!

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I’m home from work sick today. Yes, I’m really sick. But I’m sitting here on my couch and I watched my son take his first steps!

He’s taken a step or two several times, but according to my wife, a stay-at-home mother, this is the first time he’s walked across a whole room. Just thought I’d post about it.

Save the World – With Your Graphics Card!

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If you’re even slightly geeky, or very socially conscientious, then you’ve probably heard of applications like “Folding @ home,” where your computer’s graphics processor runs complex calculations, simulating how proteins are folded to find solutions for disease & health problems.

This post is a roundup of different apps you can download to effortlessly let your computer contribute to a better world when you’re not using it.

Microsoft’s IE9 Copies Google’s Chrome & Mozilla’s Firefox

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I was struck by how blatantly Microsoft ripped off Google Chrome, a browser I’ve been using since the end of 2008. This is okay with me, because I love Chrome – but if I were Google’s Chrome browser department, I’d probably be upset. That said, I’ll show some examples below of the similarities between the new IE9-Beta & Chrome, Firefox.

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