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Ginger got new markers and has been pushing the limits of Marker Application Theory (MAT) ever since.

Ginger Moorland 3

This is Ginger in her Moorland Shirt that Holly made

Jack container hat

Jack likes container hats. Enjoy it now, someday you'll realize you can't pull this look off at work.

Ginger Jack toy box 2

Sometimes they play together with no yelling or screaming or tears.

Ginger Jack toy box

Better get another picture of this.

Ginger Marker face

Ginger Marker face.

Jack Marker face

Jack Marker face. He wanted a cool lightning bolt or skull. Not happy.

Ginger Jack Marker faces

Ginger and Jack: Marker faces. This was Ginger's doing.

Holly and Jack Marker face

Ginger snaps a photo of her handiwork.

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