Landscaping: Decorative Lighting Baffle Designs, Koi Pond Theme

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Project: Hardscape Lighting Diffusers

Designed this set of 3 custom decorative light diffuser panels and bracketry for the lighted recesses in the stone bench segment of a koi pond wall at a residential garden.

In this post: Renderings and Fabrication Prints [PDF] of stylized “Carp & Kelp” lighting baffles, made of 11ga mild steel plate.


If I had to do it again, I would’ve used a “prettier” fastener on the outside. A square-necked carriage bolt wouldn’t work, since the fastener needs to be turned from the outside to clamp the plate against the wall, but something that looks nicer than a hex head bolt could probably have been thought up if time permitted.

Off the top of my head: could probably just have welded a couple clips on the back of the plates, and they’d hook in slots in the L-brackets, covering all fasteners.

Would love to give credit… Notice on the slideshow there’s a couple graphics I found on Google Images for inspiration. I didn’t find any author information to attribute, but thanks for the great visuals, whoever you are.

The Renderings:

Are of PhotoView360. It took some doing to get the ambient and point lighting right, but I’m happy with the results now.

Tip: See screenshots in slider to see how I located the point lights, which I think the trick is:

  • Make 3D sketches from the origin to having the end point of a line exactly where you want your point light.
    • Dimension the 3D sketch. Now you’ll know the dimensions to plug into the coordinates menu.
  • Locate the red dot (point light location) in relation to the origin of model either in Spherical or Cartesian coordinates.
    • Clicking on your 3D sketch point may help dial in the coordinate, or at least be a visual guide.
    • Check: “Lock to model”.

The Print:

Was made in SolidWorks to be multipurpose & versatile. It served for fabrication, finishing, and was then given to the landscaping crew as installation instructions.

See PDF of print:


Click image to see PDF of fab & assembly drawing

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