Holly Makes Customized Advent Calendars; Great Holiday Gifts

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Decorate the Christmas Tree each Day with Custom Ornaments featuring Family & Pet Names

Holly got this idea from others on Etsy and sewing blogs, and made it her own. Then she started making calendars per detailed requests from people who buy them as holiday gifts. The requests detail names of family members, pets’ names, sometimes even favorite places, memories, or hobbies.

The ornaments fit into the pockets of each day until the date is reached. Then the object is pulled out and displayed on or around the tree. They “stick” to the calendar surface because they’re felt.

Customized Advent Calendar Gifts – with Custom Names and Interests on Tree Ornaments 1

Fabrication Techniques

Holly made these with a combination of sewing, fabric glue, craft paints, and has started to make more cardboard templates to fabricate some of the common “parts” (like date numbers, ornament blanks, etc.)

Want Holly to Make Your Gift Calendar?

To order calendars:

  • Email us with your special instructions (names, interests, descriptions, colors, pictures).
  • Calendars don’t have to be Advent or Christmas oriented, but clearly describe your vision if want an alternatively-themed countdown calendar.
  • These start at $85.00, take up to 2-3 weeks to ship, and include free shipping to the U.S.

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